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The process of performing a successful survey involves many variables. Once we are provided with a space number and LOD (Lease Outline Diagram), we begin our communication with the landlord to gain access to the space. The existing space(s) may be vacant, occupied by an existing tenant, or a combination of the two. In cases where an existing tenant is present, extreme discretion will always be maintained. We are familiar with various landlord requests for insurance requirements and can provide our current Certificate of Insurance when necessary.

All of the project’s measurement information is gathered at the space using Leica laser instruments. Field notes are recorded and inputted into a CAD program using laptops on-site. This is done to ensure that the space(s) closes and that a square footage comparison to the landlord LOD can be made immediately. If any glaring discrepancies are found, we can immediately open lines of communication with the client and the landlord’s representative so that any clarifications that need to take can do so while our staff is still onsite. From this point our staff will travel back to their respective offices and generate CAD drawings and client specified survey books, which are usually completed within the following few days.

Photographs are taken of key aspects, views, and vantage points within the space to fully document any and all relevant conditions inside the space. This provides our clients with the best possible “feel” for the existing conditions of the space. Photographs are also taken of surrounding tenants in mall settings. This allows some of our clients to better understand what other tenants have been allowed to perform as far as signage and storefront design. All photographs are keyed on the drawings and placed in the client FTP folder.

Drawings consist of the floor plan, reflected ceiling plan, sections, elevations and 1-line diagram.

The floor plan will illustrate the footprint of the space, delineating existing demising walls, and existing tenant build-out construction. The plan will also contain all walls, toilet room(s), electrical service, structural heights and columns, mechanical equipment and ductwork heights. All elements within the space including items located within the ceiling plenum, such as duct shafts, mall ductwork, and mall sanitary lines which must remain in place, will be documented and shown as well.

A survey book is also provided, which compiles all the information discovered during the survey.

When the survey is complete, all documents are uploaded to the FTP site into a specific client folder, which can be accessed through our website using a user name and password.

Not all sites are created equal, we’re afraid, so schedule usually depends upon travel distance, scope of work, and the complexity of the existing field conditions. All efforts are made to maintain open communication between our clients and the survey staff responsible for the field visit. Often, we can upload or email partial or progress information in a pinch. We understand your schedules are sometimes challenging and we will always strive to provide our survey information as quickly as we possibly can.