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Critical Dimensions was created from a growing need within the industry for an affordable, thorough and accurate, architectural site survey.

We have over 25 years of experience performing surveys nationwide – including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. It is with our combined years in the field and careful feedback from our architectural partners that we have developed a comprehensive approach to the completion and delivery of our surveys.

Although we take pride in all areas of our services, nothing is more important to us than quality. To our clients the peace of mind that their project site has been thoroughly inventoried and recorded is – in a word – Invaluable. An Architect or designer’s biggest challenge at the onset of any job is to have the correct information. While some firms may take for granted that the drawings or lease information they have been handed is complete and accurate – most will tell you that simply is not the best course of action. Taking a chance that a landlord’s “as-builts” are current and accurate is just that – a chance. Again, the piece of mind that comes with having experienced professionals reliably measure, record and detect possible hidden site defects is – Invaluable.

We are at home with a wide variety project site types including: new construction “Gray or Vanilla boxes”, remodels of existing stores, re-demised of tenant spaces, historical retrofits, street-side locations, and outlet centers.

We can provide you with the highest quality site survey, for a reasonable price, when you need it.

Critical Dimensions is based in Phoenix Arizona, with satellite offices in, Utah, Wisconsin, Florida and Michigan.

All surveys are conducted using BOMA standards